Does anyone know of any other vocabulary popularly used to describe projects besides DOAP and Project Vocabulary.

asked 02 Jun '11, 20:14

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Came in here to answer DOAP. No fair! :P

(02 Jun '11, 20:21) Signified ♦ Signified's gravatar image

It would help to answer usefully, if you would say why DOAP and Project Vocabulary aren't satisfactory...

(09 Jun '11, 11:56) TallTed ♦ TallTed's gravatar image

Sure. I am trying to model an EU project outside Information Technology and I came across several entities that were not included in either of these vocabularies. I wanted to cross-check with the community, before defining my own extension to DOAP. In the event that I do extend DOAP, I will share my extension :)

(09 Jun '11, 14:40) Monika Monika's gravatar image

If you are innovating in your project (which I bet you are ;)), then see below:

The first vocabulary we produced did assert equations between FOAF projects and innovation, but we dropped these due to domain/range issues on certain FOAF project terms.

However it is strongly compatible with FOAF Agent, Groups and People since we use these terms as substitutes for Collaboration/Collaborator concepts.

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answered 03 Jun '11, 10:22

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William Greenly
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Baetle Ontology from Henry Story captures some aspects of project related to issue tracking. It links to DOAP ontology.

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answered 03 Jun '11, 10:42

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If you need funding in your project (which I bet you do) and it's an academic project, then try the Academic Research Project Funding Ontology (ARPFO) by Ben O'Steen.

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answered 13 Jun '11, 14:31

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