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Hi there,

Just a quick question, how do I represent a hashtag in a tweet in RDF? Basically, there are many options to represent it, such as using dc:subject (or dcterms:subject), moat:taggedWith, etc. However, I'm not sure yet whether I should choose between those options. For instance, there's a tweet like this:

This mac is awesome. #apple

What could be the best way to represent it in RDF? I know that I could represent a tweet as a sioct:MicroblogPost but how about its hastags? I will update my project wiki as soon as I get a good answer. Thanks!

asked 15 Jul '11, 14:23

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I suggest you use a combinaison of SIOC:MicroblogPost and Tag Ontology. There are a couple of one out there. In your example, I suggest you remove the # to assign the tag label. You could also subclass Tag with a new class HashTag that will indicate it is a tag used in Twitter. Have a look at SCOT ontology (for some reason the site is down). The following presentation provides a list of links to tag ontologies.


answered 15 Jul '11, 16:11

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As for tagging, I found that there are 2 ontologies available, SCOT and MOAT. What's the difference between them? Thank you!

(15 Jul '11, 20:03) fadirra fadirra's gravatar image

I have found a solution, well, sort of..

@prefix sioc:   <>.
@prefix sioct:  <>.
@prefix gc:     <>.

<> a sioct:MicroblogPost;
    sioc:has_creator <>;
    sioc:content     "This mac is awesome. #apple";
    gc:hashtag       "apple".

answered 15 Jul '11, 22:58

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