I am trying to properly apply schema.org to real estate listings. Below is my current output. Is this the correct way to do this?
For url: http://www.diggsy.com/CA/Santa-Barbara/9751-Calle-Real-Santa-Barbara-CA-93117/26712/

Type: http://schema.org/offer
price = $84,000,000
image = http://images.diggsy.com/propertyimages/3yd-LVARCA-26712/0.jpeg

itemoffered = Item( 1 )
description = Rancho Dos Pueblos - the "Royal Rancho" 2,175 magnificent acres on the Gaviota Coast featuring a private sandy beach, over 15 homes including the "Casa Grande," abundant agriculture, barns...

Item 1
Type: http://schema.org/residence
address = Item( 2 )
mlnumber = 26712

Item 2
Type: http://schema.org/postaladdress
streetaddress = 9751 Calle Real
addresslocality = Santa Barbara
addressregion = CA
postalcode = 93117

asked 14 Nov '11, 12:07

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edited 14 Nov '11, 12:56

it's hard to see the code the way it is formatted. can you reformat it so we can read it better (each fact on a line); i also don't see how exactly you're incorporating this in the HTML

(14 Nov '11, 12:51) database_animal ♦ database_animal's gravatar image

i reformatted it. I basically have the whole listing details wrapped in a div with the /offer schema with item properties wherever available below it. I added the page to the post and you can reference the source from there.

(14 Nov '11, 12:56) cobbsfriedman cobbsfriedman's gravatar image

That url doesn't resolve to the thing I think you are trying to describe.

(17 Nov '11, 17:37) William Greenly William%20Greenly's gravatar image

Thanks, in real estate, properties come and go... the same applies to any property on the site though.

(21 Nov '11, 09:40) cobbsfriedman cobbsfriedman's gravatar image

The use of Microdata prescribed by Schema.org is not a Semantic Web Standard, but I am aware that some people have create a RDF representation of the Schema.org vocabularies that can be serialised as RDFa

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answered 14 Nov '11, 12:25

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William Greenly
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Microdata can be treated as just another serialisation format (which is ATM the preference of schema.org). However, please remember schema.org's recent RDFa 1.1 Lite announcement (http://blog.schema.org/2011/11/using-rdfa-11-lite-with-schemaorg.html).

(16 Nov '11, 04:47) zazi zazi's gravatar image

Great news - so someone needs to give @cobbsfriedman an example using RDFa lite / RDFa core

(16 Nov '11, 22:51) William Greenly William%20Greenly's gravatar image

I am not sure but I think the "offer" can be nested in "residence". Name of the item (residence) is not defined (i.e "Residence X 9751 Calle Real").

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answered 15 Nov '11, 02:59

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Ozer Kavak
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I added the "name" itemprop but I dont think the offer can reside inside residence as its not supported. Reference the end of this thread where it talks about using offer as the main item... http://groups.google.com/group/schemaorg-discussion/browse_thread/thread/d6c0839d26401f62/28cad5c37f2fbae4?show_docid=28cad5c37f2fbae4&pli=1

(15 Nov '11, 10:22) cobbsfriedman cobbsfriedman's gravatar image

Can you explain why you decided to make your properties an offer type at the highest level and made the address a residence type, as opposed to just making the whole listing a residence?

I noticed Trulia.com is doing it the same way, but instead of offer, they are using product.

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answered 12 Dec '11, 13:52

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It was noted in an existing thread by user "Guha" http://groups.google.com/group/schemaorg-discussion/browse_thread/thread/d6c0839d26401f62/28cad5c37f2fbae4?show_docid=28cad5c37f2fbae4&pli=1 that he advised to use offer as the highest level and that you could use a residence as the item offered (contrary to what it says on schema.org) - Trulia's use seems to be new as I have not noticed them using it previously and it looks incomplete after a quick scan of the code. You think they are correct in their use?

(12 Dec '11, 14:14) cobbsfriedman cobbsfriedman's gravatar image
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