How can I find out if an ontology has already been created for my domain of interst? I have tried searching SchemaWeb and looked into SUMO and OpenCyc. How did Segaran et al. in "Programming the Semantic Web" find out that an RDF vocabulary already existed for reviews?

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Welcome! There's various related questions about on this topic. See, for example:

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This is called "semantic overflow" :).

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You can go to and search for a few terms from the domain you're interested in, or to any other RDF search engine that allows searching specifically for classes and properties (Falcons Concept Search is another nice one).

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@cygri there is some problem with this forum hiw did his karma went upto 4294967k in 15 hours ?? Isnt that weird ??

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Your answer is Swoogle a semantic web search engine. You can search for Ontology, RDF data etc. Have a look at it!! But the link @Signified mentioned is really useful.

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I'd say don't get too hung up on using existing terms. You're better off coining your own term that means exactly what you want than reusing a term that means what you want 98% of the time.

If somebody later wants to decide that

  :yourProperty  rdfs:subPropertyOf :commonlyKnownProperty .

they can do that easily. Most people, however, don't have the balls to rewrite

  :commonlyKnownProperty -> :johnThinksThatCommonlyKnownPropertyAppliesHere

when they load stuff into their system.

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answered 10 Dec '11, 21:17

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Thank you for the information everyone! I was looking for an ontology specifically for Food and related data. I've previously browsed all of the proposed Semantic Search Engines, Ontologies and proposed use of things like Protege and owl:sameAs. Falcons concept search was interesting. It brought up Freebase, Umbel Yago and OpenCyc, all of which I have already encountered. It looks like I will still have to roll my own Ontology and use owl:sameAs and several other namespaces.

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answered 11 Dec '11, 11:47

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