I know the most appropriate place to ask this question is this list, but I do not want to get embarrassed, in case I am overlooking something obvious.

In the latest Working Draft of SPARQL Update, some examples seem to contradict my intuition:

  1. Example 5: In my opinion, data before and after should be exactly the same, since the graph pattern in the WHERE clause
    ?person a foaf:Person . ?person foaf:givenName 'Bill' is never matched against the data and there is no assumption on the entailment regime considered in the surrounding text. I feel that the result of the DELETE/INSERT operation described in the example is achieved with RDFS entailment, through which the typing foaf:Person triples will be derived.

  2. Example 11: Despite what is being stated in the introductory sentence, the <http://example/fred> foaf:givenName "Fred" triple has stayed in the resulting http://example.com/names graph.

  3. Example 4 (bonus): I suppose there is a typo in the starting RDF graph and the intended triple should be <http://example/book1> dc:title "Fundamentals of Compiler Desing", in order to match the triple template in the DELETE DATA operation.

Has anybody else spotted these?

asked 25 Dec '11, 10:06

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Dimi Passon
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I know the most appropriate place to ask this question is this list

In general, I suggest to use the public-sparql-dev mailing list at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sparql-dev/, if you are uncertain about a feature in a current SPARQL working draft and want to discuss it first before creating a formal comment. For the Q&A site here, such questions will often tend to be too specific, too technical, and too ephemeral. Alternatively, one can make ones question into a more general first, and ask it here then.

(25 Dec '11, 13:11) Michael Schn... ♦ Michael%20Schneider's gravatar image

Thanks for the hint, I saw that list as well, I might try it even though it does not look very active...

(25 Dec '11, 14:08) Dimi Passon Dimi%20Passon's gravatar image

permanent link

answered 26 Dec '11, 08:31

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AndyS ♦
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Great! Thanks for the answer!

(26 Dec '11, 09:25) Dimi Passon Dimi%20Passon's gravatar image
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