For http://journalisted.com I want to publish the data I have about various newspaper articles (and also articles in magazines, journals, blogs etc).

Can anyone suggest good terms for describing:

  1. the original URL of the article (ie a normal HTML web page on, say, a newspaper website. Not an RDF resource.)
  2. other web pages which mention the article (eg a blog post discussing issues raised by the article)
  3. articles about similar topics (I mint my own article URIs, so I can link to a rdf resource here)
  4. the statement of principles the article was published under (eg most newspapers in the UK adhere to the PCC Editors Code of Practice - http://www.pcc.org.uk/cop/practice.html ). I suspect this is where I start having to build my own custom vocabulary... :-)

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I'm not sure whether it contains all that you need but you can take a look at the Bibliographic Ontology [1] or the SWRC Ontology [2]. Otherwise, more generally, I advise you to take a look at [3] which references many tools you can use to find the terms/vocabularies/ontologies you need.

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answered 06 Aug '10, 16:03

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  1. Probably foaf:page, going from your article to the page on the website.
  2. dcterms:references, going from the other web page to the article.
  3. I would do this by linking them to the same topics, e.g. via dcterms:subject, foaf:topic/foaf:primaryTopic, sioc:topic. There are various options for the URIs of those topics. UMBEL might interest you, they have quite a lot of interesting writing on linking documents via subjects as well.
  4. Maybe you can use dcterms:conformsTo for linking to the statement of principles but you probably have to develop your own vocabulary/dataset for giving URIs to those statements and describing them.

You should probably dig a bit deeper into the vocabularies I linked, they will have lots of useful terms for you.

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answered 06 Aug '10, 16:35

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