Hi all,

I have an RDF xml, would like parse this in Jean command prompt, so that I can check the if there are any syntax error. Later on would like to convert to n3 format.


asked 22 Feb '12, 09:48

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java jena.rdfparse -t myfile.rdf

To see if myfile.rdf has any errors. Without -t, it dumps the data as ntriples. -t tells it to suppress output and only show errors. If this command shows you nothing, you have no errors.

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answered 22 Feb '12, 11:51

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got it, thanks

(23 Feb '12, 09:00) niran niran's gravatar image

You can use rdfParse utility that comes with Jena. You can fine more about the usage of the utility in the jena documentation link text


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answered 22 Feb '12, 10:09

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Codera Purpa
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I guess you wrongly misunderstood. What am trying here is give RDF xml which I have created. Say C:\Jean>Jena test.rdf once you run this command,console we can see the ouput, if any error exist it will show where it is

(22 Feb '12, 10:16) niran niran's gravatar image

So, what's your problem specifically?

(22 Feb '12, 10:19) Codera Purpa Codera%20Purpa's gravatar image

nothing am getting in the console, am following right approach

(22 Feb '12, 10:49) niran niran's gravatar image
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