I've been reading up on the semantic web, but without a good understanding of the theory behind its core concepts, the "web" part really gets in the way of grasping it.

So, any resources recommendations for undesrtanding the basics of semantics, ontologies etc ?

asked 05 Nov '09, 14:01

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These two are not semweb specific, but are seminal works on ontology and semantics:

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answered 06 Nov '09, 09:56

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Ian Davis
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If you want to start with the very basics, you should maybe check out topics like Description Logic, which form the basis for a lot of stuff like OWL and reasoning,

A very good, but unfortunatelly also very expensive book on the topic is the Description Logic Handbook. A lot of material (including parts of the handbook, like the Introduction to Description Logic) can be found on the course page of the lecture on the topic, which is held by Enrico Franconi.

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answered 05 Nov '09, 15:22

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First read the basics: RDFS Specification OWL2 Primer

Then the semantic stuff (can be pretty hard to understand): RDF Semantics (vocabularies included) OWL2 Direct Semantics

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answered 05 Nov '09, 14:30

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Would suggest an excellent piece explaining purpose of OWL: link text

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answered 05 Nov '09, 20:40

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I like http://www.co-ode.org/. Lots of useful and well written papers. This is largely OWL/ontology heavy. Check out the home pages of Ian Horrocks and/or Uli Sattler for some good background on description logics (which OWL is based on). Again google is your friend :)

If you'd prefer to find out abot the more webby stuff then www.linkeddata.org has some great tutorials.

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answered 06 Nov '09, 08:32

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