I've read this great book, programming the semantic web and I am new to python. I tried to check the sourcecode from the website but it seems that the website is gone forever! http://answers.oreilly.com/topic/2069-missing-semprog-com-website/

Any ideas where I can get the sourcecode, any of you have it and can share it?

asked 20 Sep '10, 18:39

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I finally stumbled upon it.


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answered 19 Jan '11, 15:31

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B Dana
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Google's cache entry for "http://semprog.com" as of 2010-08-28 tells me:


A new Semprog site in the works!

By admin, on May 30th, 2010

We rebuilding SemProg to post new semantic programming content! . . .


I'm afraid, Wayback Machine has not collected any past content at all.

Anyway, from the message above it looks to me that the site is planned to return in the future?!

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answered 21 Sep '10, 20:36

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As of January 2013 official site is 404. That is B Dana's answer is no longer true.

On O'Reilly's page on the book there is a link called Download Example Code, you can download the code there.

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answered 15 Jan '13, 02:39

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