i wana create a software that will have provision to add details of each client regularly. Also details will have to be retrieved any time. Which is better to write the program in? Java or dotnet? or is there any other?

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RDF systems exist for both systems (and the Java ones run on .Net using IKVM!). Choose which ever you are most comfortable with or want to learn.

You can make different choices for frontend and backend by connecting them with a standard - SPARQL. So a java server and a C# application is quite possible.

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answered 05 Jul '12, 13:45

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You can use both.

The difference is using java and mysql is platform independent. Using .Net and sqlserver works only on windows also you need to buy the product to develop .Net.

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answered 16 Jul '12, 01:12

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Not true at all. Firstly .Net programs can run on a variety of other platforms using Mono.

Secondly free versions of Visual Studio are available and there are open source alternative IDEs like SharpDevelop. Regardless the SDKs and compiler are freely available so you could do everything with your favourite free editor/IDE and the command line if you were so inclined.

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