We deployed an update to this platform in late July, 2012. This update was based on the then-latest available code from OSQA. Unfortunately, OSQA had not had an official release (even a beta) since March 2011, so while our deployment represented the latest code from the OSQA trunk, it's not an official release. We're still trying to stamp out any bugs we find, but please let us know about any issues you find (see below).


  1. Up-voting generates an error message, "Invalid Request." FIX: Clearing your browser cache to refresh any cached javascripts should resolve the problem.
  2. "Accept Rate" works differently than in StackExchange, causing confusion among those familiar with the SE calculation. Here, OSQA calculates the percentage of your answers that were accepted by the asker. SE calculates the percentage of your questions on which you have accepted an answer. We are hopeful that when another official release of OSQA is deployed, it will include a patch for this. Until then, please understand that Accept Rate is not broken - it simply refers to a different metric (disambiguation, anyone?) ;)

Question: Are there other bugs/issues? We are working to stamp out those that we have found since the update, but please use the "Answer" space below to report any that you encounter.

Thanks, --Eric

asked 01 Aug '12, 16:57

Eric%20Franzon's gravatar image

Eric Franzon ♦♦
accept rate: 31%

edited 26 Aug '15, 15:19

TallTed's gravatar image

TallTed ♦

Not so much an issue with the new software perhaps, but I was wondering if it would be possible to display links to the FAQ and the 'welcome to answers' meta-question more prominently somehow.

(01 Aug '12, 18:19) Jeen Broekstra ♦ Jeen%20Broekstra's gravatar image

Hi Jeen, Good thought. I've updated the "Important" note in the sidebar accordingly. Happy to entertain other suggestions as well.

(01 Aug '12, 19:16) Eric Franzon ♦♦ Eric%20Franzon's gravatar image

What about bounty hunting in this new release? (Or would this be considered bad karma? :))

(06 Aug '12, 03:13) Michael Schn... ♦ Michael%20Schneider's gravatar image

It's been a few years, so I edited the post a bit. There is ongoing activity on the OSQA project which may be worth poking at.

(26 Aug '15, 15:18) TallTed ♦ TallTed's gravatar image

Couple of things I've noticed that might want looking into:

  1. The font size for code appears to have gone down slightly which makes it ever so slightly harder to read especially when combined with the monospaced font. Can we up that font size a point or two?
  2. When editing code snippets angle brackets i.e. < will not preview correctly but will display fine when the code is rendered on a normal page. I've seen at least one person's question full of &lt; because they've noticed the < not displaying properly and tried to use the escaped form instead


It seems like the preview rendering behaviour changes depending on what format it guesses the code to be in, if I write something Java like e.g.


Then the preview hides everything between the < and >

However something HTML like as you posted appears to preview fine but only if it is valid HTML, as you are typing it it doesn't preview until you have a valid HTML snippet:

<img src="blah.jpg" title="This is HTML" />
permanent link

answered 07 Aug '12, 11:45

Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

Rob Vesse ♦
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edited 07 Aug '12, 15:36

Just trying to recreate the behavior here that Rob Vesse refers to in his answer.

1. Font Size for preformatted code

this is small font-size for code.

Definitely small. Will see if we can adjust via CSS, but may be hard-coded into WYSIWYG editor that OSQA uses.

 <a href="#">this code includes angle brackets</a>

This seems to be okay for me. I can see the "<>" in preview mode just fine. Or are you seeing the behavior somewhere other than the WYSIWYG editor?

Thanks, --Eric

(07 Aug '12, 14:55) Eric Franzon ♦♦ Eric%20Franzon's gravatar image

@Eric Franzon Seems like the previewing behaviour depends on what format it guesses the code to be in, HTML seems OK but anything else has issues, try editing my answer and look at the preview of the Java snippet vs the HTML snippet

(07 Aug '12, 15:37) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

@Rob Vesse :( I see what you mean. Thanks for the examples. Will keep looking for a fix.

(07 Aug '12, 15:59) Eric Franzon ♦♦ Eric%20Franzon's gravatar image
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