I have a requirement for an RDF store that is accessible at multiple sites. It is possible that only read-only access is required at one of the sites.

There are very few options for RDF store replication and even fewer that are Open Source. Can anybody recommend a way of accomplishing this? Does anybody have any experience of Triple Store replication?

asked 08 Aug '12, 06:05

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What kind of cross site replication needs do you have? i.e. why replicate instead of simply access one sparql endpoint at a single site via http and perhaps local caches? Full read write replication is complicated and you will need to consider which consitency guarantees you need.

(08 Aug '12, 09:52) Jerven ♦ Jerven's gravatar image

We need to consider the possibility of one site being disconnected.

(10 Aug '12, 11:47) sharks sharks's gravatar image

Why do you need to replicate? There are simpler alternatives.

  1. You could use a SAN (amazon ebs) to persist the data, with load balanced horizontally scaled SPARQL nodes. 4store, Virtuoso, Fuseki and pretty much any triplestore should support this model.

  2. Depending on how often data changes, you could alternatively use a publisher, subscriber model following a star topology for updating data.

  3. Alternatively, look at using SAAS. I am currently using a beta of Dydra and am finding it quite useful (don't have to worry about the underlying infrastructure). Remember, it is only a beta and might not be production ready, plus you need to sign up for an account.

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answered 08 Aug '12, 06:59

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William Greenly
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A rather light replication protocol can be achieved using PubSubhubbub, a publication/subscription protocol : store B subscribe to the update feed of store B and gets RDF data which get merged in the local store.

Some references :
- SPARQLPuSH in this solution, the PuSH feed is genertaed through SPARL Queries
- SDShare
- older idea : RDFSync

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answered 09 Aug '12, 05:04

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Thanks. I like the idea of SPARQLPuSH in principle.

(09 Aug '12, 12:52) sharks sharks's gravatar image
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