ldodds mentioned the existence of a JavaScript SPARQL engine, but some old pages point to an old page which is now hijacked by a spam company. Clearly, I can use a SPARQL service (as here), but that requires special tricks.

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You may want to have a look at the rdflib.js and other JavaScript libraries used in the Tabulator's source code, which seems to be most up-to-date. There's also RDFQuery for querying RDFa data directly from JavaScript and some pretty old JS parser and query thingy.

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Now, rdfstore-js by Antonio Garrote (https://github.com/antoniogarrote/rdfstore-js) is probably the best way to go if you want a SPARQL engine that implemented in JavaScript.

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Well, searching for javascript sparql I found Hercules. Actually your aformentioned page contains a working link to sparql js library code sparql.js.

Hope this helps.

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answered 28 Sep '10, 07:01

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The Hercules webpage mentions "GRAPH is not supported yet. Use HttpXmlRequest?" and pulling RDF from other pages was kind of the point. Still, thanx for the pointer! And that linked sparql.js, unfortunately, is indeed JavaScript, but just uses an external server (sparql.org) instead of being a SPARQL engine itself...

(28 Sep '10, 08:05) Egon Willigh... Egon%20Willighagen's gravatar image
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answered 11 Jan '13, 05:42

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