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I want to find some great tools or styles to visualize my RDF data so that it can give viewers a shock when they access the RDF data. The problem is that the visualization tools I get now can just generate some simple styles(node,edge...). They look ugly and I don't think this kind of graphs can give viewers any different experiences from viewing sheets or tables. I want to know if there are any new visualization tools or just styles that can give users really different experiences so that they can feel how invaluable linked data are... Any suggestions or recommendations?

asked 19 Oct '12, 09:17

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(19 Oct '12, 10:30) fadirra fadirra's gravatar image

@fadirra Thanks for your supplement. I've already seen that post but as what I've said, you can find many visualization tools easily but few of them can impress people much. Also, that post was in 2010......

(19 Oct '12, 10:36) amareknight amareknight's gravatar image

Exhibit looks promising, you could create interactive maps, timelines, graphs, and other visualizations. Have a look at Exhibit 3. Some interesting demos:

From page 43 of this Exhibit Documentation, it seems that we need to use Babel to convert RDF/XML or N3 data into Exhibit JSON format as Exhibit doesn't support RDF directly.


answered 20 Oct '12, 12:38

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Thanks! I've seen some intersting demos(Billionaires in History) and I think it can help me a lot though Exhibit 3 is still totally satisfied.

(02 Dec '12, 08:24) amareknight amareknight's gravatar image

answered 20 Oct '12, 12:02

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Sweet Burlap
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Thanks for your reply. I almost forgot Google Visualization API, it helps in some aspects and I'm trying it...

(02 Dec '12, 08:22) amareknight amareknight's gravatar image

You might check rdf:SynopsViz, offers RDF and LOD visualization.


answered 11 hours ago

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