I need to have a couple of GUI tools to work on. Can anyone please suggest tools for these functions:

1.To parse normal text I have text in English language and I want to parse it to get the syntactic tree.Which parser is the best to use?

2.Converting the parsed output into predicate logic Once I have the syntactic tree , i need to translate it into predicate logic.Actual I need to make triples out of it.What tool can I use.

Actually if there was a tool where we could input the plain text and it gives us the output as triples.If anyone knows such a tool, please let me know.

And I want the tools to be in GUI.And I would appreciate if you could provide tutorial links about using those tools.

asked 23 Oct '12, 03:36

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Jeen Broekstra ♦

Hey @sww did you find any tool? am stuck with this too :(

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answered 05 Nov '12, 14:10

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Sweet Burlap
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What have you found already?

Looking for web based or local? Source matter? Free or commercial?

http://grammarscope.sourceforge.net/ could be relevant (based on stanford nlp - demo here - http://nlp.stanford.edu:8080/corenlp/process)

alchemy have a web based demo - http://www.alchemyapi.com/api/demo.html

http://code.google.com/p/boa/ seems pretty cool too.

I think that you'll find any existing GUI based solutions underperform compared to a custom solution

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answered 23 Oct '12, 05:33

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Sweet Burlap
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@Sweet Burlap

My sentence is "He is sitting on the top of the roof."

I have something like this now

nsubj(sitting-3, He-1) aux(sitting-3, is-2) root(ROOT-0, sitting-3) prep(sitting-3, on-4) det(top-6, the-5) pobj(on-4, top-6) prep(top-6, of-7) det(roof-9, the-8) pobj(of-7, roof-9)

I think I have the triples now.

But the issue now is how to convert it automatically into an ontology.Are there any tools out there to do that automatically. Prefer GUI.

(04 Nov '12, 22:36) sww sww's gravatar image

@sww, your problem is AI complete.


The GUI isn't the problem. ;)

(05 Nov '12, 11:09) Signified ♦ Signified's gravatar image

@Sww - semoss actually has NLP built in and automatically converts the NSUBJ etc. into S,P, O which you can then see through series of visualizations such if you wanted to understand what are the various actions of your subject and on what object, you can understand and analyze it. I am not sure if we have pushed the latest minor version to the web, but I will check that and update the group tomorrow. It allows you to upload word / text / URL as NLP inputs. It uses the base corpora provided by Stanford Dependencies, so YMMV.

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answered 03 Apr '14, 22:50

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