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I've begun talking to folks I work with about the SW and its several virtues. Given how new I am to this realm, I'm probably not doing a very good job.

Can you point me to a list of businesses that are known to make use of SW technology? I am somewhat aware of the several RDF store/SPARQL engine vendors (open source and commercial). But I might be able to make a more compelling case by pointing to, say, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and saying to my peers, "Ya see; they use this technology!"

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Yeah, it isn't difficult to find providers of SW technology. What's more difficult is to find "normal" users. I would really be interested in a list of companies who tell us: "Yes, we use!"

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One good way to find out who uses "this stuff" is to actually look at the client portfolios of some of the technology vendors. Ontotext, for example, gives quite a good overview of some of their customer projects, broken down by industry, as well as a list of success stories (disclosure: I work for Ontotext).

Other companies to check out for portfolio info are OpenLink, FluidOps, Talis, TopQuadrant, Clark & Parsia, to name just a few (I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple of key ones here :)).

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It's not so hard to find out, there are already lots of companies using SW technologies, some of which are:

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Fadirra, Zazi, and Hojoki: thanks very much for these links. Sorry re late reply, but had no Internet because of hurricane. Came on, after off almost a week, just a few minutes ago. -Saul

(04 Nov '12, 10:44) SaulTocsin SaulTocsin's gravatar image
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