Hi All,

I am doing some research on the following area,

-Semantic web

-machine learning

-natural language processing

-data mining

-cloud computing

During this, I found that, directly or indirectly, semantic web plays a major role in getting end result in the above area.{correct me if am wrong}

alt text

So I have created one diagram, in which I would like to draw hierarchy, a relationship between components(area)

please ,help me how can I connect these components.


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Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning are things you do. Cloud computing is where you can do it. IMHO Semantic web is how you bring the results together.

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answered 30 Oct '12, 13:34

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Jerven ♦
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ok,I think it is not answering my Q in detail

(01 Nov '12, 01:56) niran niran's gravatar image

Please elaborate on why it doesn't answer the question

It seems like a rather solid answer to me - short of redrawing the diagram with labelled arrows...

(01 Nov '12, 08:30) Sweet Burlap Sweet%20Burlap's gravatar image

@Niran, The interesting questions is how would you connect these five things to make something interesting or useful. Instead have random strangers connect this for you.

(01 Nov '12, 10:29) Jerven ♦ Jerven's gravatar image

well said, sure I will come up with that. thanks for the suggestion

(02 Nov '12, 09:54) niran niran's gravatar image

The question is very wide, it's difficult to answer in a precise way.

first of all it's not a problem of hierarchy here: a cloud technology is a kind of server-like infrastructure, semantic web are a kind of topic of interest, and the others are specific areas in the context of artificial intelligence.

Please re-edit your question to be more clear and specific.

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answered 01 Nov '12, 07:53

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