I know there are some gems related to RDF processing like RDF.rb (~1 yr ago) and ActiveRDF (~ 6months ago). But it seems this gems are not really under active development anymore!?

What gem does a good job in creating RDF/RDFS/OWL graphs and querying them with SPARQL/DL? Are there other useful gems I should follow and use in my ruby on rails application?

Is there still an active ruby community behind semantic web stuff? If yes, where can I found it?


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"OWL graph" is a nonsense. Yes, OWL does have an RDF-based semantics which allows us to represent an OWL ontology as an RDF graph, but there is no such thing as "OWL graph".

(18 Nov '12, 01:33) utapyngo utapyngo's gravatar image

Yes, OWL describes ontologies, but this ontologies are based on RDF graphs, ergo it is a graph, isn't it?

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Yes, the development of the RDF.rb ecosystem is still being actively developed, primarily by Gregg Kellogg. Recent developments include the best RDFa 1.1 parser implementation and a JSON-LD gem.

The most up to date GitHub repos are now here: https://github.com/ruby-rdf/

There is a SPARQL 1.0 implementation here: http://rubygems.org/gems/sparql

Although I would recommend using an external SPARQL engine (eg 4store / BigOWLIM) and then query using the SPARQL client gem.

There is a (slightly quiet) community mailing list of RDF and Ruby here: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-ruby/


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Thanks for the overview!

(19 Nov '12, 04:27) sn3ek sn3ek's gravatar image

I've been developing alternative Ruby bindings to librdf, named Redlander: https://github.com/cordawyn/redlander . I feel they're production-ready, but I'd love to get some feedback, to be sure. And there's even higher-level gem built around Redlander, Kalimba, which provides ActiveRecord-like API and feel, aiming to be a drop-in replacement for AR itself: http://github.com/cordawyn/kalimba . I stopped contributing to Spira and RDF.rb (rdf-sesame, in particular) due to unacceptable performance of those gems for my projects, but if you're into "academic completeness" (as opposed to "industrial performance") you may prefer those.

You may also take a look at the tools that go with Samizdat ( http://samizdat.nongnu.org/ ): they underwent pretty good updates lately.

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