I have a class question in an ontology the question has DatatypeProperty how can i insert a new individual to the ontology with its DatatypeProperty


asked 20 Nov '12, 20:35

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Please explain more cleary what you are trying to do including which technology etc...

(21 Nov '12, 03:22) Jerven ♦ Jerven's gravatar image

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While the question is a bit underspecified, a general answer could prove helpful. Support you are creating a member (individual) of the class mns:ClassA and a datatypeProperty of dcterms:created. YOu can use the following to define the instance with a timestamp:

{  GRAPH <the graph name>
   {  ?inst a mns:ClassA .
      ?inst dcterms:created ?now .
 {  BIND(now() AS ?now)
    BIND(IRI("http://example.org/someNameSpace/") AS ?inst)

If you are working with the default graph, you can remove the Graph clause.

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answered 21 Nov '12, 13:38

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