What is a good ontology for representing file metadata including:

  • core properties like filename, file format, file size, creation/modificaton date
  • format specific properties, e.g., for images: width, height, resolution, ...

Quite possible that the answer is a combination of ontologies (e.g., one for representing the core info and others for representing properties of each format). If so please list those that may be relevant.

asked 23 Nov '12, 12:27

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Found the following ontologies so far [for core file properties]:

Some properties can also be found in the W3C Data Catalog Vocab ( http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/gld/raw-file/default/dcat/index.html ) and Dublin Core.

This is need to a digital library system so file formats will be mostly text (plain text, PDF, ...), images, sound recordings, video. Plus some datasets in the future. What are good vocabs to describe those in more detail?

For images there's EXIF: http://www.w3.org/2003/12/exif/

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answered 23 Nov '12, 13:53

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I am pretty sure that PROV ontology can come into handy. And also Dublin Core ontology. I couldn't find some examples on the Web of the interplay between them for representing file metadata though.

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answered 24 Nov '12, 06:09

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