Hey all

I'm building a web application using Protege API, i'm trying to add new instance to a class i'm using this code

OWLIndividual q2 = question.createOWLIndividual(NS + "q2");
q2.setPropertyValue(key, "key2");

if i look for the individual at run time it's ok but no change in owl file.


asked 24 Nov '12, 20:59

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Are you saving the ontology to file? Changes in memory are not automatically mapped to the file.

(29 Nov '12, 13:03) Signified ♦ Signified's gravatar image

Actually the owl file is set inside a local webserver folder and i'm accessing it through localhost/~url~/test.owl

(29 Nov '12, 13:09) Ibrahim Koub... Ibrahim%20Koubeissy's gravatar image

As Signified said (+1), most times you'll have to explicitely call a "save" somehow, because otherwise it is only in memory.

(29 Nov '12, 16:32) AKSWMember AKSWMember's gravatar image

see - http://answers.semanticweb.com/questions/19886/commit-changes-to-owl-using-protege-api re saving file


owlModel.save() - http://protege.stanford.edu/protege/3.4/docs/api/owl/edu/stanford/smi/protegex/owl/jena/JenaOWLModel.html#save(java.net.URI)

seeAlso: http://protegewiki.stanford.edu/wiki/ProtegeOWL_API_Advanced_Topics#Loading_and_Saving_Files

String uri = "http://protege.cim3.net/file/pub/ontologies/travel/travel.owl";
JenaOWLModel owlModel = ProtegeOWL.createJenaOWLModelFromURI(uri);
OWLNamedClass destinationClass = owlModel.getOWLNamedClass("Destination");
String fileName = "travel-saved.owl";
Collection errors = new ArrayList();
owlModel.save(new File(fileName).toURI(), FileUtils.langXMLAbbrev, errors);
System.out.println("File saved with " + errors.size() + " errors.");


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answered 02 Dec '12, 02:03

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