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Hi All,

I've copied the federated query code from here. I changed the serviceEndpoint variable to

    final static String serviceEndpoint = "";

I also used throughout rather than

When I run the program, I get an empty result set. But when I try the query in a web browser against it seems to work just fine (I get back a table of Tom Hanks movies).

The Jena jar files are those that come with version 2.7.3 of Jena.

The manual query works, the programmatic one doesn't. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.


asked 26 Nov '12, 17:36

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To be entirely accurate, I left the PREFIX statement as

PREFIX dbpedia: <>

but I changed the serviceEndpoint variable and the second SERVICE statement to reference


(26 Nov '12, 17:52) SaulTocsin SaulTocsin's gravatar image


I think I figured this out. I was again playing with the manual query at and, on a whim, I removed its "Default Data Set Name (Graph IRI)" value of "". When I then ran the query, I got no result set.

So....I added another FROM statement to the source code, referencing and the program now works.

But I'm still not sure why the original program ever worked for any one. I'm clearly not understanding something.



answered 26 Nov '12, 17:59

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