Since Virtuoso doesn't provide full support for SPARQL1.1, I can't run any property path queries on Virtuoso. It seems that I'm actually using Virtuoso's own SPARQL implementations when I execute a SPARQL query using dotNetRDF. If I want to run SPARQL1.1 queries, I have to use In-Memory Triple Stores provided by dotNetRDF, right? Is there any way that I can run SPARQL1.1 queries on all the graphs stored in Virtuoso using dotNetRDF's SPARQL1.1 implementations?

asked 02 Dec '12, 08:16

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Currently there is no way to run it's SPARQL engine over external stores. While there has been discussion of possibly doing this it has not been made a priority because realistically the performance is going to be poor compared to using a stores native implementation.

If you need SPARQL 1.1 with support for property paths in an external store you may want to look at other stores like Stardog, Jena TDB, Sesame or OWLIM which all have some degree of SPARQL 1.1 support. All of these can be used via dotNetRDF if that is your API of choice

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answered 03 Dec '12, 12:30

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Thanks for your reply! I've decided to use dotNetRDF's internal TripleStore temporarily. I've sent you an e-mail about a bug(maybe) in the latest dotNetRDF version. Could you please check it now if it doesn't bother you too much:)

(03 Dec '12, 12:41) amareknight amareknight's gravatar image

Is that the bug about the null keys not allowed? I already replied to your email if that is the case. It's a bug that was already fixed and should not be present if you actually have 0.8.2. Please verify you are indeed running 0.8.2

(03 Dec '12, 13:15) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image
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