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I need to edit an existing individual in an owl ontology from java can anyone guide through what api or a source code or a documentation I've been trying to use OWL API with no success :( need help please urgent


asked 05 Dec '12, 21:06

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Where are you having problems? Is the ontology on the web or locally? Have you been able to read the ontology with the API? What code isn't working for you (and how is it failing). I presume that you've been referencing the documentation (http://owlapi.sourceforge.net/documentation.html)

(05 Dec '12, 21:59) Sweet Burlap Sweet%20Burlap's gravatar image

Actually the ontology is local i'm able to fetch create individuals, i just need a hint to do the editing, i'm referencing to the owl api documentation and couldn't find anything about editing the individuals

(05 Dec '12, 22:03) Ibrahim Koub... Ibrahim%20Koubeissy's gravatar image

To edit an axiom: load the ontology, remove the old axiom and add the edited axiom (.addAxiom and .removeAxiom)

(05 Dec '12, 22:45) Sweet Burlap Sweet%20Burlap's gravatar image

thanks a lot, can you guide me to a tutorial on how to delete an axiom, the documentation of the OWL API mentions how to delete all the individuals not a specific one, I'm also having troubles with this issue . thanks a lot

(05 Dec '12, 22:51) Ibrahim Koub... Ibrahim%20Koubeissy's gravatar image

There are a few examples in the OWL API homepage, one explains how to add axioms. For removal it is the almost the same, you only have to use the class RemoveAxiom.

(06 Dec '12, 16:31) AKSWMember AKSWMember's gravatar image
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