Is it possible to write generic SPARQL CONSTRUCT query that will return me the whole graph starting from root node? As result I want to have all Graph triples.


  rdf:type owl:Class ;
  rdfs:subClassOf owl:Thing .

  rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty ;
  rdfs:domain example:Transformation ;
  rdfs:range example:Transformation .

example:node1 a example:Node.
example:node2 a example:Node.
example:node3 a example:Node.
example:node4 a example:Node.
example:node5 a example:Node.


example:node1 example:next example:node2.
example:node1 example:next example:node3.
example:node2 example:next example:node4.
example:node3 example:next example:node4.
example:node3 example:next example:node5.


Mathematically speaking, I have a Rooted graph. And I want to get the whole graph starting from the root node.

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I'm not sure what you mean. What do you expect the result to be? Are you trying to say that example:next is a transitive property ie.


example:node1 example:next example:node2.
example:node2 example:next example:node4.

then you want to infer

example:node1 example:next example:node4.

Or do you just want to replicate the graph as is using SPARQL?

(09 Dec '12, 12:54) Sweet Burlap Sweet%20Burlap's gravatar image

@artem, please edit your question to include the SPARQL query that you have tried, and why it doesn't do what you want.

(09 Dec '12, 20:38) Jeen Broekstra ♦ Jeen%20Broekstra's gravatar image

@Sweet Burlap, the second one. See my edit.

(12 Dec '12, 12:01) artem artem's gravatar image

As far as I can tell from your description, a simple

CONSTRUCT WHERE {?x example:next ?y}

will give you the result you want.

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answered 13 Dec '12, 14:00

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