Daer all, I've created a seed ontology for nerusurgery. I have a class that represent anatomical structures that could be target of surgical procedure.

In this sense I would like to insert the structure of brain as it is organized with Brodmann area. I see that in SNOMED CT ontology there's a perfec part that is good for my ontology. Could you say to me, how I can import only the part relative to the brodmann area?

I am using Protegè 3.4.6

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asked 18 Dec '12, 04:30

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Roberta Perrone
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If the ontology with the concepts you want to refer to (in your case SNOMED) is not already physically splitted into different ontology documents, then there is no standard way to import only a certain fragment of that ontology. You will need some manual or (semi-)automated approach (like a modularization approach) to split up the ontology first, and then use a local copy of the parts of that ontology you are interested in. It's far from a perfect situation, I admit.

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answered 18 Dec '12, 07:04

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Michael Schn... ♦
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Thank you, I realize that on Protege 3.4.8 I have the Bioportal import plugin, that is useful to import only class that are relevant to local ontology.

(18 Dec '12, 09:36) Roberta Perrone Roberta%20Perrone's gravatar image
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