I have a query:

SELECT ?s ?type
  ?s a ?type

Let's say I have the data

<x> a <bibo:Book>
<x> a <someOnt:Resource>
<y> a <bibo:Article>
<y> a <someOnt:Resource>

The results I would get from the query above on this data would be:

x bibo:Book
x someOnt:Resource
y bibo:Article
y someOnt:Resource

Any ideas how I would always filter out the rows with someOnt:Resource? Obviously a FILTER (str(?type)!=someOnt:Resource) would actually result in zero rows. I just want results excluding the common type someOnt:Resource.


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Have you tried the filter you describe? It should do exactly what you want: return the (?s, ?type) pairings for which ?type is not someOnt:Resource.

Also, you don't need to use str():

FILTER(?type != someOnt:Resource)

...should work just fine.

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answered 20 Dec '12, 12:12

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Actually I wouldn't expect the FILTER with str to work. Comparing string to URI makes little sense. However removing str() should be fine. Or you could use the sameTerm function.

(20 Dec '12, 14:31) Tomasz Plusk... Tomasz%20Pluskiewicz's gravatar image

Yes, what an idiot. Not sure what I did first time around to get it to fail.

(20 Dec '12, 16:58) robotrobot robotrobot's gravatar image
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