If a regular Web Content Management System has married the Semantic web Technology, What are the practical features for the visitors and community that could be a result of this integration?

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One way to look for potential semantic technology benefits is to ask what it would add if you didn't have to keep all your data (or metadata) in normalized relational tables that you had to plan out before accumulating any data. In the case of a CMS, you'd have a lot more flexibility in the metadata that you store about the your content. So, for example, it would be easier to store metadata that is specific to certain types of content (e.g. images vs. paragraphs of narrative text vs. audio files). SKOS is a W3C standard for taxonomies and controlled vocabularies, and using that to organize keywords to tag CMS content with (and metadata about those keywords) would bring similar benefits.

The fact that these are all built on published standards means that you would then have a wide choice of commercial and open source tools to do new things with this data, from simple querying of it ("list any images of Joe Smith with an X resolution >= 300 DPI") to re-using it in other applications.

I realize that these are benefits more for the site owners than the visitors and community, because the flexibility and standardization of the data structures holding the data are a few steps removed from their use of the website. Still, these benefits for the owners lets them be more agile in how they create and tweak features and applications for use by the end users. If you chose to publish any of the accumulated data as Linked Data, that would be a benefit for end users who chose to use that data in their own applications.

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  1. update the content editor first to support inserting objects( Person/Company/Movie, .etc) with semantic info.
  2. JUST imagine the auto complete list in search bar.
  3. one knowledge platform(provides the data source with semantic structure, for example: SPARQL, www.freebase.com, and my Chinese knowledge platform: www.chuci.info).
  4. update content view to show more information than keyword text.

And, here is an Ad:
SemanticImage: insert relative turtle text into PNG file.(there is only sample code currently) https://github.com/taurenshaman/SemanticImage

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