When you've played World of WarCraft, you must know achievements.
And recently there comes gamification in community/tool: http://channel9.msdn.com/achievements/visualstudio
So i created an ontology: http://www.chuci.info/schema/achievement
My site(www.chuci.info) contains common konwledge, and so i translated all achievements of VisualStudio into chuci.info.
Today i noticed badges here. So can anyone give me some advice about Badge? Use Achievement directly? Expand Achievement? Or create a new ontology Badge?

Maybe the best solution is: answers.semanticweb.com create and maintain an ontology Badge, then mark all badges in the site?

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Uh, based on reading your first sentences above, I'd almost closed this question as spam... ;-)

(24 Dec '12, 05:05) Michael Schn... ♦ Michael%20Schneider's gravatar image

Go ahead and consider the badges on this site to be achievements. A sensible take on the semantics here is that an achievement is something attached to a user profile when a particular (series of) action(s) has been performed by the user. The fact that this site uses the term 'badge' should have no impact on deciding whether they are incorporated in your definition of 'achievement'.

If you wanted to distinguish badges as a special kind of achievement (for instance, badges are achievements given for performing actions that assist other users), then it makes sense to define a Badge subclass. Naturally, it all comes down to the semantics you intend to formalize.

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Ryan Kohl
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I updated http://www.chuci.info/schema/achievement
Badge and Medal are both subclass of Achievement. And each has 3 subclasses: gold, silver, bronze.

(25 Mar '13, 02:27) taurenshaman taurenshaman's gravatar image

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