Hello, I want to develop a SKOS based Thesaurus with SKOSEd Plugin in Protege. But as I can see there is no documents for SKOSEd Plugin. Do you know any document or can you recommend another SKOS Editor?

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A couple of thoughts here. First, there is a similar question on this forum: Has anyone had success in using SKOSEd wth Protege 4.1?

In terms of SKOS tools and editors, see SKOS Tools for creating classifications. The free edition of TopBraid Composer has built-in features for editing SKOS models. Create or open a SKOS model in Composer and use the associations view to see the skos:broader hierarchy. There is a label mode that allows you to view the data by skos:prefLabel and a built-in set of rules for SKOS integrity constraints. See Composer help for more - SKOS support is integral to the editor, so no add-ons are necessary.

TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN) is a commercial server product that uses a HTML 5 UI to edit vocabularies, change control management, and various other features for managing SKOS-based vocabularies at the enterprise level. A demonstration version of EVN is available with TopBraid Composer-Maestro Edition, which is available for a 30-day free evaluation. Disclosure: I work for TopQuadrant.

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