I am developing a web application for the Tomcat application server, where I make use of a database TDB. I am using Jena to store the triples in a directory. My problem is that when you put the application in ficheiro.war can not be written to this directory and during application will be added new triple.

I wanted to put my web application in the cloud and for this I used the CloudFoundry and I can deploy without problems. The problem is that the use of the database TDB.

Can I put the directory somewhere in the cloud and read and write with the Jena from my web application there?

Thanks in advance

asked 27 Dec '12, 13:41

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David Miranda
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You may need to change the security settings of your tomcat installation to make access to the database directory possible. Sometimes the settings are to only allow access to the web application area ... and hence the WAR file only.

Another way round this is to run Fuseki separately and access it via HTTP - this is, in effect, a 3 tier architecture style.

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answered 28 Dec '12, 08:42

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AndyS ♦
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The main idea was to have the Fuseki as "database server". But they did not find anything in the hosting cloud. Is there any cloud solution for housing the TDB?

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answered 28 Dec '12, 09:48

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David Miranda
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Hi all,

I have a similar problem: when I run my web application (in which I use jena TDB to store data) with tomcat in eclipse I have no problem and I store my data in the chosen directory. But when I export my web application in .war and I run tomcat, the storage does not occur.

PS: Hi Andy , I'm Amira Sifaoui who I have the problem of Fuseki as a web application

Thank you !

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answered 01 Aug '14, 10:59

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Amira Sifaoui
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For the record, Amira is trying Fuseki2 (development) which is very different from the released Fuseki and as Fuseki was in Dec'12. Fuseki2 is built for use as a WAR file. In all cases, you have to get the file access permissions right - the Tomcat process must be able to write to the Fuseki directories (/etc/fuseki by default).

(01 Aug '14, 11:11) AndyS ♦ AndyS's gravatar image

Hi Andy, thank you for your help. I have a question about rules and SPARQL queries: Can we store rules and SPARQL queries with jena TDB ??

(13 Aug '14, 05:17) Amira Sifaoui Amira%20Sifaoui's gravatar image

As this is not a private chat platform, I'd suggest to open either a new question or even better ask this on the JENA mailing list.

(15 Aug '14, 13:47) AKSWMember AKSWMember's gravatar image
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