Hi all,

I'm a newbie in the semantic web domain.

I'm evaluating the possibility to develop a Contact Management solution based on a RDF data model and a semantic web engine like Apache Stanbol (preferably using java).

Briefs requirements:

  • rich contact model with multiple adresses etc.
  • rich model of an organization and it's structure
  • change history management (for ex. a contact-employee changes it's position or quits organization: we need to keep history of his role at the time)

Primary objective is to create an intelligent unified and complete contact mngt system and to benefit from the semantic web tools:

  • execute complex queries on the model
  • import/export contact data in a standardized manner (like vCard)
  • possibly do some reasoning to match contacts and avoid duplication issues for ex.

The solution will be integrated into an enterprise content management system both as a backend and with a direct web interface.

After research I haven't found any solution at all for contact management. Wondering if I'm taking a wrong road.

Here is a link to a W3C's organization structure vocabulary spec. The model looks very good but it's a working draft.. http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-org/

vCard is perfect to fill the individual contact model part (RDF schema: http://www.w3.org/Submission/vcard-rdf )

What do you think? Thanks in advance.

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