Hello all, I am aware that the schema.org schemas were developed to help search engines. However, is it appropriate (or shall I say, is anyone doing this) for one to use the schema.org Classes and properties in RDF format and through a triple store, and have it serve as a data store for a Semantic Web Application? (Question 1) Here are a couple examples. I have a Genealogy application and I discovered there is a schema (an extension to schema.org perhaps? as it is not listed on the schema.org website) for historical data, including historical persons. It is designed to improve the ability of search engines to recognize genealogy data on the web. It can be found at historical-data.org. Are there others that are using schemas like this, which are part of schema.org (as an extension), in RDF format to create triples which can be queried in an application? (question 2) Next question: are there any ways to take data that is in a triple store, genealogy data, for example, and create microcode (schema.org ) based html pages? My application uses schema.org but that was before I realized there was an extension in the form of historical-data.org. Question 3) How can one find various other schemas Lastly, how can one determine how popular an ontology is. I found on for representing resume/CV data. The document is here: http://rdfs.org/resume-rdf/ It is a bit old having not been updated since 2007. I got errors when I tried to import this into TopBraid Composer.
Thanks, bruce

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asked 05 Jan '13, 21:34

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Bruce Whealton
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Bruce, I notice you have asked a lot of questions on this site, but have never ever accepted an answer. People might be more inclined to help you if you occassionaly vote an answer up and/or accept it.

You should also perhaps take a little more care in how you format and formulate your questions - you tend to put a lot of separate questions in a single post, which is not really how this site is supposed to work. This site works best if you follow the guidelines outlined in the FAQ and here: http://answers.semanticweb.com/questions/14494/welcome-to-answerssemanticwebcom .

(06 Jan '13, 16:03) Jeen Broekstra ♦ Jeen%20Broekstra's gravatar image
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