I am bit confused about this -

I have to crawl websites having ontologies; can anyone help me out to find how to find websites that have ontology associated with them.

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@vandana, welcome!


I edited your title to give a bit more idea what it's about. You might be interested to read a few other related questions:


...and search for crawler/crawling.

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With respect to your question, what kinds of ontologies are you thinking of? There are fifty shades of, erm, ontologies and knowing what you're looking for is important.

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http://sindice.com/ is a large semantic web index - you should be able to get a reasonable amount of ontologies there. ( http://swoogle.umbc.edu/ is similar )

AFAIK - none of the general webcrawlers / search engines can restrict searches to just rdfa (eg. schema.org) equipped pages

http://aksw.org/Projects/SemanticPingback.html is trying to improve the crawl-ability of the Semantic Web by improving backlinking.

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