Hi to all. I'm new to ontology development. I am curious with the following question: Which database technologies are used when developing an ontology?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I' need to write some research on above topic and i don't know where to look. So to be more specific i am looking for database tools/technologies that are used in ontology development for example: rdb2rdf, mapping tools, and other things that can be used when developing ontology... maybe possible use of xml databases, or deductive databases in ontology development?

I'm new to this area. All i need to know is a list of technologies, and when i got that i can research further. Hope my question is more clearer now.

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Hi Pwner, and welcome to answers.semanticweb.com. Please have a look at the FAQ and at this link for some helpful tips on how to best use this site: http://answers.semanticweb.com/questions/14494/welcome-to-answerssemanticwebcom

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Your question is rather broadly formulated. I'm tempted to answer "all of them are used", but of course that is not particularly helpful. Can you provide a bit more context about what you are interested in, to help direct what kind of answer would be useful to you? Use the 'edit' button (below your question) to update your question.

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I'm not immediately aware of any succesful use of XML or deductive databases in ontology development. In the majority of projects that I'm aware of, ontologies are either stored as simple files, or people use dedicated RDF database solutions (there are a plethora to choose from - Sesame, Jena, OWLIM, Virtuoso, dotNetRdf, 4store, Allegrograph, to name just a few. Look around on this site for more specific info about those tools, or just google them). Such solutions often offer better performance, plus they have things like support for SPARQL querying.

Regarding use of relational technology in ontology development, there are tools such as D2RQ which allow you to map the contents of a relational database to RDF. There is also a W3C standard for defining such mappings, called R2RML. Then, of course, there are tons of custom solutions - several triplestore products exist that use a relational database as the backend (e.g. USeekM, or Strabon to name just two), and the Protege ontology editing environment natively supports storage in a database.

These are just some random links that come to mind though. Whether any of these is relevant to you heavily depends on your use case, there is no "every ontology-based project uses this" tool or solution.

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thank you very much! you helped me a lot

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