I'm thinking about creating a Unit Cost Specification as an alternative to Good Relations Unit Price Specification, but does this term already exist in some vocabulary?

@prefix gr: http://purl.org/goodrelations/v1.owl . :UnitCostSpecification rdfs:subClassOf gr:PriceSpecification

Price = The quantity of payment or compensation given by one party to another in return for goods or services.

Cost = The value of money that has been used up to produce something.

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I don't think cost is a subClassOf a price. It is essential to consider cost when setting a price. But not every cost is a price. For example a small picaso painting cost about 1000 euro's to produce (canvas and oil paint plus time). The price you can get it for is about 100,000. This example shows that the relation does not hold, and rarely does.

If it is for internal use then you might want to model it differently. i.e. cost being a property of a product batch. And even there the practicals might be difficult to get to. e.g. what is included in the cost of a product? While a sale price is much simpler to determine.

Lastely do you really want to publish your costs to the outside world (where good relations fits in)?

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I agree, cost should not a subClassOf a price. However, GoodRelations states that PriceSpecification is a superclass of all price specifications, including delivery and payment "charges" which are referred to as additional "costs". It would be unreasonable to make cost a subClassOf UnitPriceSpecification, since that is used to represent the price of an offering.

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(continued..) On the other hand, making it a subClassOf PriceSpecification is justified, since the PriceSpecification class is not well defined in GoodRelations, and could be interpreted as "price" representing a "value". Maybe ValueSpecification could be created as a superClass of both PriceSpecification and CostSpecification? My intention is not to publish cost of products, but of projects (ie: expenses, estimated costs, etc.)

(09 Jan '13, 04:01) edan edan's gravatar image
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