I am going to compose the web service and I am going to query RDF data. Can I store RDF in MySQL for my application?

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not entirely sure what you have in mind - care to rephrase / expand?

do you want to store RDF (eg. using a triplestore), extract RDF or OWL from mySQL or something else entirely (eg. load rdf data from a sparql endpoint into MySQL?)

Also, can we delete the duplicate question?

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I deleted the exact dupe.

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Where can I store RDF graphs?

In an RDF-store (aka. triple store or quad store). The most common query language for RDF is SPARQL, so they're often called SPARQL stores or SPARQL engines. A list of engines is available here.

Can I store RDF in MySQL for my application?

You can, but depending on the types of queries you want to ask, that's often not a good option. A custom-built RDF store is typically best.

(Looking here, I feel compelled to ask you to please put more effort into your questions in future. You will be rewarded with better answers. Also, please read this.)

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