I got used to stackoverflow.com and would expect SemanticOverflow to work similarly. The problem is the website is so new, almost nobody has any reputation that means virtually nobody can vote for your answers, that means no reputation for you and you not able to vote for others and we are in the infinite loop of Catch XXII.

Launching a website with little users and no reputation for them is a bad idea, trying to help users here (nice try, pat, pat) and returning to see if anything has changed (no, it hasn't in a few days - no reputation changes, no real questions or answers) seems to be even less useful (what's the point, if the website doesn't really attract critical mass).

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give the site some time. it just started, and i think there are already nice discussions going on. sure it'll take some time to build a userbase, but i still think it's worth to have such a platform for the semantic web topic.

(07 Nov '09, 14:18) Bastian Span... Bastian%20Spanneberg's gravatar image

Dusoft, perhaps you have a few good questions? I don't had trouble reaching the minimum 15 reputation points after I asked my first question... actually, with just a view different badges you got that amount pretty soon...

(07 Nov '09, 14:28) Egon Willigh... Egon%20Willighagen's gravatar image

actually, i did ask a few days back a question, but didn't really earn reputation as no one was able to vote for my answers, either./

(07 Nov '09, 14:46) dusoft dusoft's gravatar image

I've been on the site every day and have voted as often as is reasonable - i think the bootstrapping is working quite well. No spam, that's for sure.

(07 Nov '09, 16:50) Ian Davis Ian%20Davis's gravatar image

Dusoft, now that you got enough votes, I think SemanticOverflow has shown that the bootstrapping is not really a problem. Perhaps you can rephrase the question to "How can you get critical mass on SemanticOverflow?" or something like that? And perhaps tune the tags? I've seen 'meta' used for questions about the system...

(09 Nov '09, 10:52) Egon Willigh... Egon%20Willighagen's gravatar image

How to bootstrap your Reputation

  • complete your user profile
  • give an answer
  • make a comment
  • edit one of your answers and/or comments

And, actively participation:

  • ask a good question
  • mark an answer on your question as the answer

That was enough for me to reach the minimum of 15 reputation points to get voting rights myself. Getting yourself enough badges is what it seems to start with.

How to bootstrap the Website

Once you have reached this amount of points, encourage others novice users by voting for a good or promosing answer by this user.


Biggest problem I noted so far with bootstrapping of the website is that one needs 250 points to introduce new tags. At the time of writing only 1 user had enough points to do this. This makes (re)categorization of questions a bit too hard right now.

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