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Is TDE related to DTS in any way? I'm interested in understanding the software architecture components of TDE and DTS, and how TDE is different from DTS. I can see what DTS is composed of from the installation guides, but not TDE. I'm under the impression that it's merely the client tools that sits on top of DTS. Is that incorrect?

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TDE is intellectual property of Apelon. TDE allows you to export the KB (knowledge base terminology metadata) and KB content into XML files. They also provide a utility to move subscription content data from TDE to DTS. You can think of subscription content as a set of codes/concepts (ie: ICD-9, GPI, NDC, RxNorm, etc...). TDE has an editor to manage the terminology called the OntyLog Editor.

DTS is the open source version of TDE, but heavily de-featured. They have released version 4 of DTS. But it takes a skilled programmer to import large files, because they have so many bugs in the open source version. There is an editor similar to the OntyLog Editor of TDE but it doesn't allow quite as much functionality. They also provide a browser to view the data.

Both TDE and DTS are maintained by Apelon.

The DTS version 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 work well because they provide GUI tools that call batch scripts within C:Program FilesApelonDTS {major version}.{minor version}.{release/bug fix version}bin*. Not all of these batch scripts will run successfully out of the box without the GUI tools because the GUI tools pass variables to the batch scripts. For example, the Subscription Content Import Wizard will call different batch scripts within {install directory}binkbcontentimportkb-import. But when you install DTS version 4.0, none of the GUI tools are installed. So you have to look at version 3.5.1 or 3.5.2 and look at the properties of each GUI tool to see what Java class and arguments are being passed in. Then call that from the command prompt after changing the path to the 4.0 version files.

DTS Editor requires you start the Apelon Server. DTS Browser requires you start the Apelon Server and Tomcat server. The DTS Editor has its connection string within the binserver...serverprops.xml file. The DTS Browser will ask for connection string details when connecting to Tomcat right within the browser.

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