I am new to the ontology field. My question is a clarification one rather than a problem. The information that am dealing with is written in RDF format. I built my own RDFS ontology and I want to populate that ontology from the RDF data that I have. How can I do that with Jena? Does the naming of resources/properties need to be the same between RDF data and my RDFS ontology? An example is appreciated.

Also, the difference between RDF and RDFS is still not so clear to me. Can I consider RDF as an ontology but with limited capabilities (in encoding the knowledge)?

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You can read through the jena tutorial on instance creation: http://jena.sourceforge.net/tutorial/RDF_API/ Once you have created your individuals, you can assign types to them:

OntClass class = model.getOntClass( "your type/class URI" )
instance.addRDFType( class );

to add a predefined property to your instance:

OntProperty prop = m.getOntProperty( "your property URI" );
instance.addLiteral(prop, "value of your property");

As you can see, you are referring to your RDFS ontology by using the URIs from it.

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Assignment 1

Due: Oct 5, 2012

Subject: Modelling data in semantic web using Protégé

DBLP website (http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db) is a portal providing information about computer science research publications. You can access the citation information (titles, authors, journal/conference name, volume, issue, page numbers, etc.) of conference and journal papers and also search them by keywords.

Design an RDF/RDFS Ontology for the information presented in DBLP. Concepts to consider are but not limited to:

. Publications . Conferences . Workshops . Journals . Series . Books . Authors . .

The ontology should be able to support the following queries:

. Find papers written by a particular author. . Find papers published in a journal in a particular volume and number. . Find papers which have "semantic web" in their title. . Find authors with publications in a given journal in a particular year. . Find co-authors of a certain author.


. You need to submit your model in 3 formats RDF/XML, N3, Turtle (3 files). . You must use Protege 4.2 software to create the ontology. . The schema part of your ontology should be reasonably comprehensive; the instance level need not be complete (few examples that represent the above queries are enough). . The ontology should be consistent and verifiable against a reasoner. . You must use rdfs:label and rdfs:comment to document your classes (as many). . You must at least use the following rdf/rdfs class/prop/attr: - rdf:type, rdfs:subClassOf, rdfs:subPropertyOf, rdf:Statement, rdfs:domain, rdfs:range.

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