I'm looking for a data set for testing that would:

  • contain a large variety of literal types

And, optionally would be:

  • amenable to calculations (i.e. literals may be interrelated)
  • the larger the better
  • perhaps synthetically generatable so that the data size and variability can be tuned for testing

dbPedia and SP2 already considered.

asked 18 Jan '13, 00:32

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harschware ♦
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The UniProt dataset has the following XML schema literal types.

  • decimal
  • date
  • normalizedString
  • float
  • boolean
  • int
  • long
  • gYear
  • gYearMonth
  • token

As well as plain literals. Some correlations would be

?thing a up:Sequence
?thing up:md5Checksum ?checkSumOfvalue
?thing rdf:value ?valueThatWasChecksumed

Or ?range a up:Range . ?range up:begin ?begin . ?range up:end ?end . FILTER (?begin < ?end ) . #End should always be greater than begin.

Can't think of real calculation between data. Maybe rdf.wwpdb.org has more numbers you can play with.

permanent link

answered 18 Jan '13, 03:44

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Jerven ♦
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Thanks for the suggestion. 5 years ago, @AndyS wrote about Uniprot here: http://seaborne.blogspot.com/2008/06/tdb-loading-uniprot.html

(18 Jan '13, 11:49) harschware ♦ harschware's gravatar image

Its a lot larger these days. 6.4 billion triples after loading. Then it was 1.5. Also at that time we did not declare datatypes we do today.

(18 Jan '13, 11:53) Jerven ♦ Jerven's gravatar image
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