I know that Apache ANy23 supports RDF as the input , now we know that RSS1.0 is RDF based does it mean that Apache Any23 can parse rss feeds and generate triples from it.

If so is it only limited to RSS1.0 and not to RSS2.0 ?

If Apache Any23 is not the right tool to convert RSS to RDF can someone point me to another tool , preferably but not necessarily Java based ?

Thank you.

asked 20 Jan '13, 00:23

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RSS 0.9 (the original) and RSS 1.0 are both RDF-based and so can be parsed by any23.

RSS 0.9x and RSS 2.0 are not RDF-based and do not have specific support in any23 and so, cannot be parsed.

I found a number of XSLTs by Googling RSS2RDF, but I cannot vouch for which versions they support, or how completely they support non-normative/common extensions of RSS.

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answered 21 Jan '13, 10:28

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Thank you signified, I am thinking RSS2.0 is more popular than 1.0 now . Do you agree?

(21 Jan '13, 16:44) altruist altruist's gravatar image

I don't know the specifics, but yep, I would say so and by a large margin.

(21 Jan '13, 17:44) Signified ♦ Signified's gravatar image
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