Some time ago I was looking at the Linked Data Platform. The interesting part there is the proposed use of PATCH method.

I'm bringing this up because recently I have heard some more about CQRS and Event Sourcing and I wonder whether anyone has attempted to mix it with the Semantic Web. I imagine that such mix would capture events as diff graphs much like the proposed use of PATCH in Linked Data Platform

Has anyone here heard of such an attempt? Or maybe the idea is no so great but I can't see it just yet?

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An interesting topic. The Talis Platform used to use Changesets[1] to describe additions and removals of triples; the Platform would also store the changes in a separate graph, so that applications using the store could query into the history of a resource's changes, and revert changes to return to a previous state. RDF Patch[2] has some advantages[3] over changesets in being terser, more streamable etc.

But perhaps these, operating at the triple level, are capturing change at a lower level than in Event Sourcing, which seems to focus on "Domain Events"? Possibly these higher level events could be modeled in RDF and map to lower-level changes in state (represented by RDF Patch or something)?

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I also found this https://github.com/petervandenabeele/dbd#readme which might be of some interest

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