I am new in this are. I am trying to start hands on practice in semantic programming in a real environment. Please suggest some tools and web server and resource link for semantic web development.


asked 29 Jan '13, 01:55

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Zia Shamszaman
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did you search any?

(29 Jan '13, 02:20) Çağdaş Ol %C3%87a%C4%9Fda%C5%9F%20Ol's gravatar image

Your question as it stands is not answerable - please see http://answers.semanticweb.com/questions/14494/welcome-to-answerssemanticwebcom for a definition of what this means.

You need to include more details about what exactly you want to do since the Semantic Web is a broad topic. Also what platform(s) are you happy working on e.g. do you want something that runs on Linux or Windows? Or don't you mind?

(29 Jan '13, 09:21) Rob Vesse ♦ Rob%20Vesse's gravatar image

A Web server is a program that, using the client/server model and the World Wide Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ), serves the files that form Web pages to Web users (whose computers contain HTTP clients that forward their requests). buy research papers

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answered 10 Jun, 08:07

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