What are the best small datasets for testing different algorithms using semantic web technologies? Alternatively what is the best way to rapidly create synthetic datasets using SPARQL? The only good article on this topic seems to be: http://swat.cse.lehigh.edu/pubs/li10d.pdf. In a perfect scenario it would be good if that dataset would have both the ontology and the triples.

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Off the top of my head:

  1. The Lehigh University Benchmark (LUBM). Quite old and quite simplistic, but has an ontology and an associated synthetic data generator. Often used for SPARQL querying and some OWL (1) inference tests.
  2. Berlin SPARQL Benchmark (BSMS). Newer benchmark framework. Mostly used for SPARQL querying. Not sure if there's an ontology attached.

Both benchmarks have published papers available. (LUBM, BSBM).

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