I want to identify semantics from a relational database, I found the association, inheritance, and aggregation relationships. What are the other relationships or semantics that I can extract from a relational database?


asked 16 Feb '13, 03:22

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I'd take a look at the mapping drafts and recommendations from the W3C rdb2rdf WG:

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answered 16 Feb '13, 07:18

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yah I know that, but I'm looking for specifically how to extract more semantics from the relationships represented in a relational model.

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I would suggest having a supplementary database or OWL which has other inferences drawn from base relationships that your RDB is using. When you combine these together and pull with an inferencing parser, you will get some new facts which are more useful than just plain database.

Obviously, if you want to go reasoning you can go OWL DL instead of RDFS for more expressive reasoning.

Thanks Prabhu K

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answered 16 Feb '13, 18:35

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Prabhu K
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Jena and Virtuoso triple stores have models for a relational database.

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answered 25 Feb '13, 02:43

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Have a look at the D2RQ I have been researching about it from an hour or so. Have a look would be great. It helps to extract all your data into RDF format from a Relational DB with the Ontology mapping you provide.

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answered 25 Feb '13, 02:45

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