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I get the following error when posting an insert statement onto a Fuseki server , the interesting thing is that even though few insert statements give this error when posted onto Fuseki server , yet other statements with in the same loop give a 200 OK response .

I am not sure whats happening here.

I am using Fuseki with LARQ as the free text indexer.

WARNING: Cannot write to Store. Server response: 400 Encountered " <insert_data> "INSERT DATA "" at line 1, column 75. Was expecting one of: <eof> ";" ... ";" ....

asked 17 Feb '13, 23:46

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There is a syntax error in the data being loaded.

400 is "bad request" -- here a syntax error, and the error message says its around line 1 column 75 of the request input.

My guess is that two SPARQL Update operations are not separated by a ";" as required by the standard but without details of the request, I can not be certain. You can check the log file (especially if the server is started with "-v") for more details.

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answered 18 Feb '13, 04:46

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