I'm hearing this term around but there seems to be no wikipedia article on it. Does anyone know what this is?

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Take a look at Rich Snippets. Google looks for RDFa


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More recent related reading: http://www.heppresearch.com/gr4google and http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=186036

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Semantic search engine optimization is just an extension of regular search engine optimization, chiefly by factoring in structured data into the "regular" optimization mix.

The goals of semantic search engine optimization may differ from those of traditional SEO. Among these goals:

  • The inclusion of elements in a search results snippet other than the linked <title>, page description and URL ("rich snippets"). Examples are product pages with price displayed and restaurants with star ratings displayed.
  • The inclusion of information from a web page directly in the search results, rather than a linked page (though it may be associated with a linked reference). An example are the results returned for the query "jf kennedy date of birth."
  • The inclusion of a resource in a subset with its own filters and search capabilities. An example is Google's recipe search.

"Semantic SEO" - insofar as it exists as an SEO disciple at all - is an emerging field, and as such very little in the way of formal optimization techniques and strategies have been developed aside from the markup of resources with RDFa and microformats for better visibility in Google.

The most common example cited by both semantically-savvy SEOs and SEO-savvy semantic web practitioners is the markup of resources for the generation of rich snippets in Google. This is not incorrect, but really represents a single realm of semantic SEO (as there are other search engines besides Google, and other types of search engine visibility besides rich snippets).

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