Is there a way to query if ?p1 foaf:knows ?p2 in SPARQL for a graph that does not use the foaf:knows property, but instead uses the property :isParticipantIn ?


:Mike a foaf:Person . :Jane a foaf:Person . :Mike :isParticipantIn :ProjectBiosphere :Jane :isParticipantIn :ProjectBiosphere

So I want to use sparql CONSTRUCT and express that two people know each other if they participate in the same thing, to assert that:

:Mike :knows :Jane :Jane :knows :Mike

What would the SPARQL CONSTRUCT query look like? Should I instead define a new namedIndividual owl:Class, can there be restrictions on properties in OWL?

asked 23 Feb '13, 02:49

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Q:What'd the query look like? A: (Omitting namespace prefixes)

 ?x foaf:knows ?y
?x :isParticipantIn ?z .
?y :isParticipantIn ?z .
FILTER (?x != ?y)

The query above will get two different people who work in the same project and create a foaf:knows relation between them.

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answered 23 Feb '13, 03:25

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Excellent, thank you! Have you used this technique before? Is there a place to find SPARQL patterns (not tutorials), similar to ontology design patterns website?

(23 Feb '13, 06:09) edan edan's gravatar image

AFAIK, I don't know if such thing (SPARQL querying patterns) exists on the Web. But that might be great if there's one :)

(23 Feb '13, 06:39) fadirra fadirra's gravatar image

With property paths and the comma notation, the pattern here can be written a bit more concisely as ?z ^:isParticipantIn ?x, ?y.

(23 May '14, 18:05) Joshua Taylor Joshua%20Taylor's gravatar image
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