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Looking for discussion on the history of Linking Open Data/Linked Data... so far, I've been patching together information from web-pages and some publications.

Don't think this is painting a "full" picture, so any pointers appreciated (bonus points for answers with "normative" references and "overuse" of inverted commas).

asked 02 Nov '10, 04:50

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I can't think of an history of Linked Data that does not talk about RDF as one of its foundations. After all, global interlinking is made possible thanks to this graph-like data model based on URIs and triples. In fact I would even start the Linked Data history with the WWW itself. WWW has always been, from the very beginning, about linking data. RDF "just" makes it finer-grained.

(02 Nov '10, 12:54) Antoine Zimm... ♦ Antoine%20Zimmermann's gravatar image

True, but not looking for a "transitive" history. The history of WWW and RDF is out there (the latter, only to a certain extent). Looking moreso for a direct history of Linked Data principles and the Linking Open Data project. All I've heard are folk stories told around campfires.

(02 Nov '10, 15:55) Signified ♦ Signified's gravatar image

One source you might want to use (from a certain angle, that is, RDFa) can be found in the Linked Data Tutorial - NG - please note that this is a draft that rather soon will be moved to another place.


answered 04 Nov '10, 06:45

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Cheers yep. There's still a few gaps in there am curious to shed some light on (so no accept yet) but useful link.

(04 Nov '10, 23:15) Signified ♦ Signified's gravatar image
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